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Our Building Bridges library centers around the idea that the best educational experiences can happen when parents, teachers and administrators work together, a bit of a dream. It will never be perfect, but the more we work at it, the more we can improve, even in very small increments, child by child, parent by parent.


In this area you'll find hand picked articles we believe may be useful, not only for schools staff, but also for parents, since communication and working together requires the involvement and learning of multiple parties.

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Apathetic Parents (10)
How do you get parents involved with the education of their children, particularly when parents also face numerous demands on their time, and not every parent is a "good" parent. That's the topic of this section.
Charter Schools (12)
Controversial efforts to allow increased school choices to parents, charter schools are hotly debated by both teachers, and parents. In this section you'll find pro's and con's, details of different systems and more.
Communication Between Teachers And Parents (44) new
There are other methods and means to improve communication between home and school, parents and teachers. In this section you'll find more advice on this process.
(Using Technology)
Dealing With Angry Parents (10)
In this section we'll look at some of the advice offered to teachers and schools staff on how to interact with angry parents. Much of it is superficial, but there's some good reminders in these online articles.
Disagreements Between Parents And Teachers - Handling Them Productively (10)
Disagreements between parents and school staff are inevitable and often come from a "good place", because people CARE. In this section we'll look at ways to manage conflicts to create positive outcomes, and prevent escalation.
Emergency Planning For Schools (4)
School safety is a top priority these days, and if there's anything positive that's come out of the publicized school violence incidents, it's that they have caused schools and school boards to develop better emergency plans. In this section we'll look at a variety of threats to safety in schools, in addition to school violence.
For Parents - Bad Teachers (4)
Yes, there are bad teachers, as there are less abled people in every profession. But what if your child has a teacher you feel isn't doing the best for your child? Here are some answers.
For Parents - How To Help Teachers Teach Your Child (14)
You want to be involved. But you are busy, and you aren't sure the best way to help your child's teacher work more effectively for his or her benefit. Here are some ideas.
Handling Complaints From Parents (7)
Since teachers can't fully succeed in helping students without the help and involvement of parents, it's important to learn to work, not only with the "easy" parents, but with the difficult ones, since it's often the case that the students who need the most help have parents who tend to be emotional, upset and complaining. Here are more suggestions on working with difficult parents and handling complaints.
Homework - Abolish Or Reduce Or Keep (11)
The new debate in education is whether teachers and schools need to either abolish homework, or at least reduce it significantly. Here you'll find pro's and con's about each option.
Humor About Teaching and Teachers (9)
Time to take a break, laugh, and take advantage of teacher related humor to reduce some of your stress. We've selected some of the best stuff online, so enjoy!
Innovative Ideas On Home and And School Cooperation (8)
There are a fair number of rather innovative approaches to bringing parents and schools closer together for the benefit of the students. Here you'll find some of the more interesting concepts.
Inspirational Stories For Teachers (5)
Even teachers have bad days, so here are some reminders that even if you don't know it, you ARE changing lives through the work you do.
Neuromyths - When What You Believe About The Brain Is Wrong (14)
How much of what you think you know about how the brain works is incorrect? Or partly correct? A lot, say researchers, and that means you may be doing the wrong things in the classroom. Come along with us as we explore the many myths about learning and teaching.
Neuroscience And Teaching - Education Neuroscience (21)
The fastest growing science, neuroscience, and it's application to teaching (education neuroscience) has potential to help teachers teach more effectively and understand how students learn. But it's not that simple. In this section we'll look at if neuroscience can aid teachers, pitfalls, and myths.
(Specific Topics)
PISA-What Do The National Education Scores Really Mean (14)
Every three years the OECD conducts the PISA assessments, comparing national success on science, reading and maths. But what do the scores really mean? What are the criticisms? What do these assessments say about how to improve our schools?
Parent Guides - Making Parent Teacher Teacher Conferences Work (12) new
You're a parent, and the main interaction point with your child's teacher and the school is the parent teacher meeting. You may dread it. You may enjoy it. Here's how to prepare for it, and get the most benefit for you and your child.
Parental Involvement (7) new
Research shows that parental involvement in education is associated with higher achievement, higher likelihood of completing education and other positive outcomes.Parental involvement can happen in an almost infinite number of ways. Find valuable resources for both parents and teachers.
Pay For Performance For Teachers (21) new
School districts are looking at, or have started implementing a pay for performance system for teachers, where they are trying to reward "better teachers". It's a very hard system to make work, so we're going to explore the good, bad and ugly of merit pay for teachers through articles, research and opinion pieces.
Principal Challenges (13) new
School principals are much like middle managers in businesses, in that they have to be responsive to, and deal with those below them in the hierarchy (e.g. teachers), and those above (superintendents). Then there's parents, and the students. Having to deal with those with different needs and desires makes the job very difficult. In this section, we'll look at common problems principals face, and hopefully provide some solutions.
Principals Connecting With Parents (10)
While teachers are the main contact with parents, principals are also important in a number of ways for building bridges between home and school. In this section, you'll find advice, ideas and methods for increasing parental involvement and working more effectively with parents that principals can use.
Professional Development And Inservice (14) new
The field of education and teaching is constantly "moving" making professional development more and more challenging, particularly in light of budget restraints for in-service activities. In this section, we'll look at alternatives, how to improve teacher professional development, and innovative solutions.
Recovering From Traumatic Events (6)
Part of emergency management is ensuring that the trauma that can occur needs to be dealt with. This applies to students, of course, but also to all school staff. In this section, you'll find help with recovery from a wide variety of possible events.
Stress and Burnout For Teachers (4)
Stress and burnout are huge issues within our educational system, due to restricted resources, large classes, adminstrative related problems and a lot more. In this section we'll look at the causes of stress, and what can be done to improve things.
Students Who Argue With Teachers - Dealing With (5)
Argumentative students, regardless of age, can drive teachers crazy, and disrupt the class, particularly if teachers get drawn in, and handle it badly. Here's some ideas on how to deal with student arguments.
Teacher Evaluations (21) new
Always contentious, the issue of how to evaluate teachers comes up often. Parents want accountability, but there is NO perfect method for evaluating teachers. In this section, we'll look at the issues and challenges.
Teacher Guides - Parent - Teacher Meetings (24)
Techniques, methods to improve the prime touchpoint for communication between home and school, the parent-teacher conference. For teachers.
(Student Led Conferences)
Teacher Safety (27) new
We are all concerned about school violence and safety since several tragic events at schools. In this section, we'll look specifically at TEACHER SAFETY.
(Parental Violence Towards Teachers)
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