What Do I Say/Do When A Parent Says....

Parents say some of the strangest things to teachers. Sometimes, it's downright comical. But other times teachers, principals and administrators have to listen to all kinds of insults, or address tough questions coming from parents.

In this section, we're going to get as specific as possible, offering suggestions about how to handle some of the difficult and tough situations educators face when interacting with parents.

Responding To Ignorant, or Misinformed Parent Opinions About Teachers And Schools

In this Q&A we look at how teachers can respond to the common misconceptions people have about how easy it is to be a teacher. What DO you say.

What To Say When A Parent Complains About Too Much Homework

It's a common complaint. How should you respond to a parent who feels his or her child is being asked to do too much homework? Here are some suggestions.

Responding To A Parent Who Complains About ANOTHER Teacher

It's an awkward situation, when a parent complains about another teacher or school staff member, even though you have nothing to do with the issue. Yet, it happens a lot. Here are some suggestions on how to handle this situation so as not to brush off the parent, but also to ensure you don't "step into the other teacher's business".

What To Say When A Parent Threatens To Go "Over Your Head" To The Principal or Superintendent

It happens a lot. An irate parent threatens to go to the principal, superintendent or school board when he or she isn't getting what s/he wants. Here's how to respond.

When A Parent Says: "I Pay Your Salary"

This is a common comment parents/taxpayers make to teachers, and in fact to a lot of others who work in the public sector. But how should a teacher respond?

The Homework You Assign Is Too Difficult: How To Respond To This Parental Complaint

A well meaning parent complains to a teacher, in a somewhat blaming voice, that the assignments are too hard for son John. Here's how to handle this situation.

My Son Wouldn't Do That: How A Teacher Can Respond

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