Bonus Strategies and Techniques For Improving Relationships Between Home and School

While our books contain over 100 tactics and techniques for dealing with the more difficult parents, we can't include everything in them, and keep the books focused. We've created this area as a place where new techniques, and those we couldn't fit in the book are featured.

Focus On What You CAN Do, Not What You Can't Do

Here's an additional principle to follow when interacting with parents. It's easy to tell a parent what you can't do, but that simply makes arguments more likely. By focusing on what you can do, you build a sense of working with the parent.

Teachers: Pick Your Battles With Parents

It's easy for teacher to get "triggered" by parental comments, but for your own health and reduced stress levels, you need to pick your battles.

Difference Between Disagreement And Argument

A disagreement with a parent can yield positive results. An argument is different, and usually a waste of time. Learn about the differences.

(More coming soon)

What Do I Say When...

In this section we'll look at some specific things people, often parents say to teachers, and about the school and its staff and explain some ways to handle them.