Dealing With Difficult Parents Professional Development Seminars And Keynote Speaking

If you are interested in having me work with your educational staff to help build their skills at dealing with emotional parents, we offer a number of options. Your best bet is to contact me at or call at (613) 764-0241 since I don't do canned programs. Everything is custom designed to suit the specific needs of your specific group.

However, here's a little more information:

Seminars On Dealing With Emotional Parents and Community Members

I can put together professional development and/or in service programs for you and deliver them for staff. Unfortunately, I don't offer sessions where a sole individual can sign up, preferring to work with a group from the same "workplace", school, or school board.)

Professional Development Seminar Contents:

My books actually reflect most of the content available to be taught "live", so if you like the material in our books, you'll find the seminars good too. To get a good idea of content, you can get your copy of Building Bridges Between Home And School... or you can browse through the synopsis pages here.

Since we customize for each seminar, we can prepare something specifically for teachers, or specifically for school principals, or even support staff.

Length Options

if you glance at the book synopsis you'll realize that there's a lot of material we can cover, and that full coverage can take between one and two full days. That's why we customize everything so we can fit in to the time you have available. As an educator you know that interactions and engagement is critical to learning, so we need to make sure that what we "cover" involves appropriate learning experiences.

Length options are flexible, but we recommend a minimum of three hour sessions, if that's possible. By using our books as support material, shorter sessions can still be very valuable. So, I can do offering in less than that. The shorter the time, the more carefully we have to decide with you what content is most important for YOUR staff or attendees.

Again I encourage people interested to contact me to discuss what you want to accomplish, and we can brainstorm together the best way to achieve your professional development goals.


Because everything is designed around your particular needs, and we even incorporate examples from your particular school/school board, it's hard to give general numbers for costs. However, my goal is to make sure educators who need to develop the skills can do so, and I do my best to meet your budget concerns. Again, please email or call (see first paragraph).

Keynotes And Conference Speaking

As you know keynotes and conference presentations are usually less than an hour and half, sometimes as short as 45 minutes, and time limits make it difficult to do true skill building. We can still incorporate a few of the key principles and skill for working with emotional people in shorter sessions, and do so in a positive, upbeat fashion that we try to make motivating.

Again, contact me and we'll talk about what you need, and how I might help.

Seminars For Those Who Speak To Stakeholders, Groups of Parents, Community

Many educators are required to speak in public, whether it be school trustees at public meetings, administrators announcing new policies, or teachers speaking to groups of parents. It's not always an easy task, since group members can be resistant, and make it difficult to get your points across in credible ways. Heckling can happen. Even meeting hijacking.

I can help educators prepare for and handle tough situations in groups. Since, as indicated above, I customize everything to suit group needs, your best bet is to contact me, and we'll see if I can help prepare you and staff who work with difficult, potentially hard to handle groups.


Phone: (613) 764-0241