A Better Way For Teacher's To Find Free Teaching Resources

There's so many online sources for lesson plans, learning activities, teacher discussions, and other tools to improve your teaching, but the problem is: how to find what you need when you need it. Current search engines return a lot of unrelated results, because they use "robots" to find things, and return a lot of spam, or commercial results.

We've created a simple to use search engine that works exactly like any other, except that humans actually review sites before they are added. The result? An efficient, fast way to find what you need to improve your teaching.

Try It Out Now

The best way to see how it works is to plunge right it, and you can see how much better a human curated search works for education. In the box on the right hand side, you'll find more information about the search engine for teachers, hints for use, how to contribute, and even how to add this search engine to your website or blog.

We'd love to hear from teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents on the content on this page and on how we can build better communication and cooperations between school and home. Our "commenting rules" are simple.
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