Criteria For Inclusion In The Teacher's Search Engine

For the Teacher's Search Engine to be useful, we have to have criteria about what sites to make searchable, and what sites not to include. So, here's some of the criteria, our humans use to review sites prior to inclusion.

Provides primarily free, rather than commercial resources for teachers. Major for profit sites already have marketing budgets and are easy to find, so we much prefer sites that involve free sharing of teaching resources. It's OK if a site does SOME selling, but it won't be included unless there are free resources for teachers, articles, etc, that are free to access.

Contains unique content. Many sites simply say the same things as other sites, and even use some of the same articles, or recycle resources. We prefer sites that have add value by having fresh, original content, articles and resources.

No Registration Required. More and more sites are requiring registration in order to access their content. We PREFER sites that allow full access without having to register. That said, there are many good sites that require registration -- for example, discussion forums. We include those. Pay to subscribe sites will NOT be included.

Lively Positive Interactions: There are a variety of forums, and blogs for teachers, or about education, and some of these involve teacher bashing, or complaining about the educational system. In keeping with our philosophy of building bridges, rather than blaming and arguing, we will not include sites or material that involves bashing, and that means bashing parents, bashing teachers, or general negativity.

Do You Know Of Education Sites That Fit The Bill?

If you do, use the comment system below to list the url, and with a brief description of the content, and why you feel it's really really good.

We'd love to hear from teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents on the content on this page and on how we can build better communication and cooperations between school and home. Our "commenting rules" are simple.
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