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'An Industry of Mediocrity': Study Criticizes Teacher-Education Programs - Teaching - The Chronicle of Higher Education - by Dan Berrett
Colleges of education are "an industry of mediocrity" that churns out unprepared teachers to work in the nation's elementary and secondary schools, according to a highly anticipated report. The report, "Teacher Prep Review," describes the findings of a controversial effort to rate the quality of programs at 1,130 institutions nationwide that prepare about 99 percent of the nation's traditionally trained teachers. Released on Tuesday, the report is the product of a partnership between the National Council on Teacher Quality and U.S. News & World Report. (Views So Far 312 )

4 Tips for Getting to Know the Blended Instructional Model | Edutopia - by Victor Small Jr
Written for teachers looking to get a grasp on blended learning in the classroom. (Views So Far 328 )

A Working Model for Blended Learning in an Urban School | Edutopia - by Nicholas Donohue
This urban school improved its educational outcomes in just two years. The writer suggests this turnaround is a result of using blended learning strategies. Read how they did it. (Views So Far 359 )

Accommodating Educators with Disabilities - by Melanie Whetzel, M.A., and Teresa M. Goddard, M.S.
The Americans With Disabilities Act is a federal statute that mandates reasonable accommodation for employees, even teachers with disabilities. This article maps out the playing field. (Views So Far 327 )

Blended Learning: Strategies for Engagement | Edutopia - by Andrew Miller
Some suggestions on how teachers can increase student engagement within a blended learning instructional strategy. (Views So Far 360 )

Computers 'do not improve pupil results, says OECD - by BBC
OECD suggests that the hope that computers and other tech. will improve education is false. Important (Views So Far 263 )