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The field of education and teaching is constantly "moving" making professional development more and more challenging, particularly in light of budget restraints for in-service activities. In this section, we'll look at alternatives, how to improve teacher professional development, and innovative sol

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Best Practices: Seven Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Teacher Professional Development Plan - by Jean Fleming
Best practices for planning your professional development as a teacher, or working with teachers to develop their own plans. (Views So Far 317 )

Five Ways to Increase Teacher Agency in Professional Development - by Anne OBrien
Article suggests that professional development activities can be more meaningful and motivating by empowering teachers. Offers up five recipes for action. new (Views So Far 0 )

Helping Teachers Teach Well: Transforming Professional Development - by CPRE
An old article on inservice and teacher development, but it contains a number of options for helping teachers improve. (Views So Far 277 )

High-Quality Professional Development for Teachers - by Jenny DeMonte
Why is a lot of professional development activities for teachers failing, and why? That's the major focus of this article. (Views So Far 323 )

How Can We Improve Teacher Professional Development? A Teacher Tells Us How - by KENNETH HAINES
One teacher makes some informed suggestions about how teacher professional development can be more successful at preparing teachers. (Views So Far 296 )

It's no secret that most professional development for teachers is awful. Less well known is that some of it is great. - by Howard Gardner, Clayton Lewis, and Jim Reese
The title is pretty clear and blunt, but the article presents an explanation of why the writers believe this, and what can be done about it. (Views So Far 350 )


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MOOC's are free online courses, often offered in conjunction with universities, and provide free learning and professional development opportunities. In this section, we'll look at what they are, and cover free courses available for teachers and school administrators.