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The field of education and teaching is constantly "moving" making professional development more and more challenging, particularly in light of budget restraints for in-service activities. In this section, we'll look at alternatives, how to improve teacher professional development, and innovative sol

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Principal Supports DAILY Teacher Professional Development - by DIANE CURTIS
How one school principal is encouraging the professional development of teachers, each and every day: Excerpt: "Every school day between 11:30 and 1 P.M., Principal Peggy Bryan and all Sherman Oaks teachers gather in the teachers' room for ninety minutes of professional development -- a rare occurrence in schools despite the widespread call for more teacher professionalism. The teachers debate instructional theory and practice, try to solve problems that have come up or are likely to come up in their classrooms, discuss curriculum, commiserate, seek advice, offer encouragement, or quietly reflect or refine a lesson plan (Views So Far 333 )

Teacher Professional Development and the Boomerang Effect - Teach. Learn. Grow. - by Kathy Dyer
For those organizing teacher development events and processes, this article suggests working collaboratively with teachers to find out what they need and want. Often this is something that is ignored, so teacher events end up frustrating attendees. (Views So Far 286 )

The Digital Learning Transition MOOC for Educators: Exploring a Scalable Approach to Professional Development - by Glenn M. Kleiman
A report on using MOOC's (Massively Online Open Courses) for teacher professional development. Describes the design of the DLT MOOC-Ed; examines results from the first course as determined from web analytics, analyses; and offers lessons learned about this new approach to professional development. (Views So Far 355 )


MOOC (5)
MOOC's are free online courses, often offered in conjunction with universities, and provide free learning and professional development opportunities. In this section, we'll look at what they are, and cover free courses available for teachers and school administrators.