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There are other methods and means to improve communication between home and school, parents and teachers. In this section you'll find more advice on this process.

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'The Parent Trap' -- Luring Elusive Parents to School - by na
One of the toughest situations teachers deal with is when parents refuse to get involved with staff to ensure student problems and issues can be resolved. After all, most educational issues can't be addressed by the school alone. This jumping off point contains some ideas, and additional links to get the uninvolved parent involved. (Views So Far 344 )

7 Effective Parent Teacher Communication Tips - by John Halloran
Many schools today have set clear goals for increasing "family engagement," and are rolling out systems and programs to reach parents. More than information about the school, parents want to know what their kids are doing in the classroom. Providing parents with this information can create strong and effective partners for teachers. Here are 7 tips to create a robust parent-teacher communication plan that leverages the power of your students' families (Views So Far 449 )

7 Free Apps for Keeping Parents and Teachers Connected - by Bridget McCrea
Schools need to be careful about relying on technology to communicate with parents, for a number of reasons, not the least being that face to face is often more effective. However, for routine announcements, you may find that these free apps can be useful. (Views So Far 281 )

9 Reasons to Communicate Frequently with Parents - by Steve Reifman
Nine reasons to work on improving communication between schools and parents. One of the most interesting is that students behave DIFFERENTLY when they know there is good communication between school staff and their parents! (Views So Far 361 )

9 Techniques for Building Solid Parent-Teacher Relationships - by Kechia Williams
I believe wholeheartedly that a child's academic success is greatly enhanced when teachers and parents are partners in the process. When I need information pertaining to a child or a child is experiencing a problem, I contact the parents or guardians because they are my #1 resource. Throughout the school year I use a variety of communication methods to build and sustain solid relationships with parents. These are nine of my tried-and-proven techniques (Views So Far 415 )

9 Techniques for Building Solid Parent-Teacher Relationships - by Kechia Williams
It's easy to forget that a teacher has to teach the child, and maintain a good relationship with the parents. Here are nine techniques to use to build and maintain great relationships from the get go. (Views So Far 385 )


Using Technology (4) new
More and more, schools are using technology to provide an additional channel with which to communicate with parent and the community. While face to face communication is still the best way to interact with parents, technology is effective in communicating factual information, but it's expanding through the use of parental portals. Read more here.