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School principals are much like middle managers in businesses, in that they have to be responsive to, and deal with those below them in the hierarchy (e.g. teachers), and those above (superintendents). Then there's parents, and the students. Having to deal with those with different needs and desires

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3-Step Method to Increase Teacher Voice - by Anne OBrien
Cites a startling survey that suggests almost half of teacher surveyed would quit now for a higher paying job, the author suggests the importance of reducing teacher frustration by involving and empowering them. new (Views So Far 0 )

5 Don'ts for Teacher Professional Development - by Jessica Piper
In service days and teacher development are perceived badly by many teachers as a waste of time. Here are some tips to make these development opportunities refreshing and valuable. (Views So Far 223 )

A Principal Takes Charge of School Morale - by Tamara McWilliams
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Can you spot a good teacher from their characteristics? - by Robert Klassen
Wouldn't it be great if administrators could predict who will be great teachers, and who not? Here's some research on whether it is possible to predict. (Views So Far 245 )

Challenges and Opportunities Facing Principals in the First Year at a School - by Rand Corporation
This is a summary of research (full article available) on the challenges, and opportunities encountered by first year principles. It may be a bit daunting to read for those moving in to school administration for the first time, but it may help you manage your expectations, and help you feel less alone. (Views So Far 278 )

How Administrators Can Empower Teachers - by na
Excellent article on why administrators should motivate and empower teachers, including research references, plus ways school principals can do so. (Views So Far 217 )