Bacal's Never Ending Interviews On Education, Teaching And Learning

Some years ago, we started a tradition called "Bacal's Never Ending Interview" for our other websites, because the Q&A format is easier to read, more conversational, and actually a lot more fun.

So we decided to continue the tradition on this site, where you'll find me interviewed and responding to various questions about my views on teaching, learning, and schooling.

Can Teacher "Pay For Performance Improve Our Schools?

In this interview we look at why teacher performance pay doesn't work and why it can't work because it's based on a number of false assumptions.

Are There Potential Negative Consequences of A Pay For Performance System For Teachers?

Indeed there are risks for teacher bonuses, many of the same ones occur in other professions, but there's some special issues involved in education.

Interview: Should We Encourage The Best And Brightest To Become Teachers In Our Schools? (Coming soon)