Guide For Parents - Getting The Most From Parent-Teacher Conferences

Regular scheduled meetings with your child's teacher are so important so you can stay up to date with your child's progress at school. Some of us have bad memories of school experiences, or feel intimidated by teachers who sometimes don't seem as interested in parental opinions as one would like, so sometimes it's the parent that has to insist on participating as an equal partner, and overcome his or her discomfort at these meetings. Communication is a two way street and while it's ideal for the teacher to be really good at conducting these meetings, you can't rely on them to ensure you get the information you need to help your child.

Lots Parents Can Do To Maximize The Usefulness of Parent-Teacher Meetings

Rather than simply "showing up", parents can do a lot to prepare for and participate actively in these meetings about their children. In this section you'll find suggestions and guides to help you do both. It's worth it. Don't rely on the teacher to "make things work", but spend a little time up-front preparing, making a few notes about issues you want to talk about, and identifying any questions you want to ask. If you enter into the process with the right mindset, and talk equal responsibility for how the meeting goes, you'll be doing everything you can to make these meetings as effective as possible for improving the education your child receives.

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You're a parent, and the main interaction point with your child's teacher and the school is the parent teacher meeting. You may dread it. You may enjoy it. Here's how to prepare for it, and get the most benefit for you and your child.

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