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Part of emergency management is ensuring that the trauma that can occur needs to be dealt with. This applies to students, of course, but also to all school staff. In this section, you'll find help with recovery from a wide variety of possible events.

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Addressing Trauma's Impact on Learning Should Be Central to the Way Schools Are Run - by Susan Colec
Schools that make trauma sensitivity central to their educational mission will benefit all students, whether they have experienced traumatic events or not, because everyone needs to feel safe and connected to the people around them. It is time to bring trauma' impact on learning out of the shadows and make it a regular part of the way schools are run. (Views So Far 364 )

Recovering emotionally from disaster - by APA
Excellent overview of recovering from traumatic events. Useful for teachers to help manage their own reactions when tragedy strikes, but applicable to everyone. (Views So Far 362 )

Schools That Separate the Child From the Trauma - by DAVID BORNSTEIN
Making sure that schools and other social services are sensitized in these ways is not just about assisting those children who have endured extreme stress. It's not just about helping them get through school, either. It's about taking care of everyone. Just as we send a powerful message about our values when we make accommodations for people with disabilities, schools send powerful messages by the way they treat children whose behavior falls outside the normal bounds. They can mete out punishment in ways that reinforce judgments and hierarchies and perpetuate crises - or respond by deepening the understanding about others and building supportive communities. (Views So Far 404 )

Supporting Students After Crisis and Loss - by Robin Gurwitch
Downloadable free webinar on Supporting Students After Crisis and Loss. If you click on the link the webinar will start playing OR it will download to your computer so you can view it at your convenience. (Views So Far 292 )

Talking With Kids About News - by PBS
Great resource on how teachers and parents can help children deal with the bad news and scary events they may see on the news. Excerpt: Develop strategies for discussing today's headlines - from mass shootings, natural disasters and war. Learn how to calm kids' fears, stimulate their minds, and encourage them to think about their place in today's world. (Views So Far 435 )

Tips for Helping Students Recovering From Traumatic Events - by U.S Department of Education
Downloadable document for teachers and principals to help them help students recover from traumatic events. PDF. This may not display properly on mobile devices. (Views So Far 329 )