A Better Awareness Of School Safety From School Tragedies

While we would all hope that the horrific school shooting tragedies will never be repeated, they have resulted in an increased understanding of just how at risk school staff, and students may be. Apart from the usual blaming and trying to find who is at fault for essentially complex events and issues, there's also been an explosion of ideas on how to improve school safety. And, most schools have stepped up their efforts to improve teacher and student safety.

We Need More Awareness Regarding Teacher Safety Too

While teacher safety measures are certainly part and parcel of overall school safety, there's still room to go. School security has been stepped up, but school staff are not always as well protected when meeting outside of school hours than they are during school time. It needs to be addressed as a separate issue. For example, parent-teacher meetings can go bad too, and characterized by violence, or more commonly, verbal abuse that may require abusive people to be escorted out of the school.

With an apparent increased awareness of school safety, there have been more reports of assaults on teachers, primarily by students, but also by others, so hopefully, the same attention will be paid to 24/7 teacher safety.

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We are all concerned about school violence and safety since several tragic events at schools. In this section, we'll look specifically at TEACHER SAFETY.

More Teacher Safety: Teacher Safety

Assessing the Threat Of Violence Against Teachers - by Tim Walker
Well written indepth article on teacher safety in our schools. there's no easy solution for improving teacher safety, but this is thought provoking and useful. (Views So Far 252 )

Focus on defusing: Tips for teachers to manage challenging behaviour - by Maybo
Excellent tips: Stay calm. Make sure the pupil has an escape route. Allow for personal space. Think about your tone of voice - try not to raise it. Empathise and listen to what is being said. Don't talk over Try not to embarrass a pupil or make them lose face in front of others. Don't make it personal - concentrate on the offence not the offender. Make it easy for them to do what you need them to do. Be aware of the school's behaviour policy. (Views So Far 317 )

Hitting or Threatening a Teacher - How To Handle It - by Ken Shore
A student hitting a teacher is a serious incident that merits a serious response. Although the problem occurs infrequently, when it does occur, it can dramatically alter the climate of the classroom and leave its imprint on the teacher and students. Being struck or threatened by a student can undermine a teacher's authority -- especially if the teacher loses control when reacting to the experience -- and it can frighten other students. Teachers have an opportunity through their handling of such a situation to demonstrate their authority and control, and to restore a sense of security and calm among students. (Views So Far 291 )

New study shows safety risks to teachers - Video Report - by Fox
Brief text plus video report: Some newly compiled data from the U.S. Department of Education has shown some startling statistics about teacher safety, nearly a month after the death of Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer. Experts say the phenomenon of student-on-teacher violence is too often ignored. The report reveals about four percent of public school teachers reported they had been physically attacked, and seven percent say a student had threatened to injure them. "There's some reluctance to think that the teaching profession can be unsafe," said Dr. Dorothy Espelage of the University of Illinois. The educational psychology professor recently headed a national task force on classroom violence directed at teachers. The group found that little has been done to try to understand or prevent such incidents despite the potential implications on teacher retention and student performance, among other things. (Views So Far 301 )

OKC teacher safety put to the test - by Tim Willert
Scary incident where teacher is assaulted: Excerpt-The third-grader punched his teacher so hard it knocked a tooth loose. Reeling from the unexpected blow, Eleanor Goetzinger was holding the boy and trying to bring him to the principal's office at Bodine Elementary School when his 200-pound father showed up. "Let go of my son," he yelled, barreling down a school hallway (Views So Far 265 )

Principals want CCTV cameras for all schools to deter abusive parents - by Benjamin Preiss
An Education Department spokesman said the government was developing more training and support for principals when they faced aggressive behaviour. ''While schools, in consultation with their school communities, make their own decisions regarding the installation of security measures, they must adhere to strict privacy regulations when using additional security measures such as CCTV,'' he said. "A handful of schools have chosen to install cameras in foyers to deter aggressive behaviour from parents and visitors. Schools are responsible for this funding." One western suburbs school principal, who declined to be named, said he had faced regular threats and abusive behaviour during his career. ''At the end of the day there isn't a lot of protection for you,'' he said. Cameras might provide some protection to principals and staff from parents who lost their tempers, he said. ''When they're abusing you there's not much you can do. You're in a no-win situation.'' (Views So Far 294 )


Parental Violence Towards Teachers (12)
In this section we document the growing problem of parental violence towards school staff, teachers, principals, and even aimed at school trustees.