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In this section we document the growing problem of parental violence towards school staff, teachers, principals, and even aimed at school trustees.

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Angry parent accused of threatening to kill Lisle volleyball coach - by Josh Stockinger
After his daughter was benched at a regional match, a Lisle man threatened to kill a high school volleyball coach and rape the man's family members, prosecutors said Monday. John Kasik, 61, also is accused of battering Lisle High School Athletic Director Dan Dillard during a confrontation at school offices. Police arrested Kasik at his home on the 4400 block of Arbor View Drive on Friday. He was charged with felony telephone harassment and misdemeanor counts of battery and disorderly conduct. Authorities said Kasik's temper flared after his daughter was pulled from a volleyball match that her team lost on Thursday. Afterward, he followed Dillard's vehicle, pulled up next to him and began shouting about the game, said DuPage County State's Attorney Bob Berlin. (Views So Far 371 )

Angry parent creates fake p!rno site in asst. principal's name - WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports - by Elizabeth Erwin
A Gilbert school administrator missed out on a big job opportunity because a disgruntled parent created a fake porn website in his name. It all started at a Gilbert Elementary school where Robert Esparza's child was a student. According to court records, the assistant principal took away his iPod, and the dad got mad. Esparza went online and created a fake profile in the assistant principal's name. It was on a pornographic web site, complete with pictures of the assistant principal from the school's web site and some sexually explicit photos Esparza found on Craigslist. Court documents show Esparza also posted sexually explicit comments on the page and linked pornographic videos to the site. (Views So Far 372 )

Attacked head teacher says 'stressed' parents a safety risk - by na
A primary school head teacher who was attacked by the father of a pupil has said all staff and students are at risk from stressed parents. Paul Stratford punched Zita McCormick in front of other teachers after his son was suspended from Seven Fields School near Swindon for swearing. He received a nine-month community order at court on Thursday. Education campaigners have condemned the sentence, saying prison should have been considered. (Views So Far 316 )

Confrontation With Football Coach Ends In Parent's Arrest - by Mike Phillips
"After talking with the arresting officer, as well as a few who were on the scene at the time of the incident, I have gathered the following information: A parent came onto our practice field during practice this afternoon and confronted Coach Fabrizio, accusing him of striking or grabbing her child. This information was given to the parent from her son. The confrontation occurred in front of players, coaches, and bystanders," Dowling said. "Coach Fabrizio did not put his hands on the player in question. This was confirmed by the police officer, after his interview with several who were there at the time of the alleged incident. "Several attempts to calm the parent down (as well as to ask the parent to leave the field) proved ineffective. After the parent struck Coach Fabrizio in the face with a finger, the police were called, and the parent was arrested for disorderly conduct." (Views So Far 342 )

Incident at elementary school, parent arrested after chase - by Don Lee
A woman is under arrest Thursday afternoon following an incident at the Eureka Springs Elementary School. According to sources at the school, an irate mother who is under court order to stay away from her child attempted to enter the school. When confronted by the school counselor and secretary, the woman became hysterical. She attacked the front door and window with a baseball bat, breaking the window. However, the bulletproof doors prevented further damage. The woman fled the scene and was arrested by police in Berryville. The school went into immediate lockdown during the incident. The lockdown "went beautifully," according to sources at the school, who credited the school's safety plan. (Views So Far 319 )

Irate Parent Arrested For Causing a Disturbance After Learning of Son's Suspension - by Kevin Kerrigan
Parent is arrested due to misconduct and what we call "display behavior", which is non-violent but threatening. Excerpt: During a discussion with the Vice Principal about the suspension, Officer Guzman reports that the parent became irate and "yelled at the Vice Principal" and "slammed a school backpack on the desk of the Vice Principal." The parent then left the Vice Principal's Office while continuing to yell at him. And on the way out, the parent kicked the Vice Principal's door, twice, damaging it, says Officer Guzman. (Views So Far 343 )