Site Mission

Our mission is simple: To promote cooperation between schools and school divisions, and parents, taxpayers and other stakeholders in the education process.

The Importance Of Working Together

There is simply no substitute for getting parents onside and involved in their child's education and life at school. It's not always an easy task. Sometimes parent-teacher conversations get heated. One of our goals here is to help teachers defuse those heated conversations.

It truly does take a village to educate a child. Educators need the cooperation of parents as partners in the educational process. In an ideal world, all parents would be onside, and parents, teachers and school administrators would always agree on the best practices for teaching children. Alas, that's never going to happen. First, not all parents are great parents, in the same way not all teachers are top notch. Second, while both parents and teachers can be committed to the education of students, the fly in the ointment is how that commitment translates into determining the best course of action for each child.

Disagreements happen. And those disagreements can be emotionally charged. And if those disagreements aren't resolved, parents and school staff can end up working in different directions. It's the student that suffers.

What You'll Find Here

To further the goal of building bridges between parents and teachers, we provide a number of resources. Our readership is primarily educational personnel, but parents too, will find useful material in our library section.