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Traditional parent teacher conferences either have the student as a bystander, or not present at all. Student lead meetings focus on the student, and make him or her an active participant. Here's more on how to do it, and the benefits and disadvantages.

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A Guide to Student-Led Conferences: Each Person's Role - by Edudemic
Explains the roles of student, teacher and parent during a student-led conferences since, to work, everyone needs to understand how they can contribute. (Views So Far 307 )

Education World: Student-Led Conferences: A Growing Trend - by Sharon Cromwell
Benefits and advantages of having students lead parent teacher conferences, and how to prepare them to be active participants. Plus, some observations. (Views So Far 367 )

How To Do Student-Led Conferences - by Pernille Ripp
Extensive guide for teachers in how to set up and use student-led conferences. Amazingly detailed, and covers pretty much everything you'll need to know, from how to start off preparing kids at the beginning of the year, right through to meeting minutes. (Views So Far 258 )

Student-Led Conferences %u2013 SLC | Academics - by na
A short guide for PARENTS that is used by Federal Ways Public Schools to inform them of what a student-led conference is, and how parents can contribute and prepare. (Views So Far 308 )

Student-Led Conferences At The Elementary Grade Level - by Jane Fung
Goldmine of tips and examples to help teachers set up and use student led conferences at the elementary grade level. (Views So Far 233 )

Student-Led Parent Conferences: How They Work in My Primary Classroom - by na
Obviously the role of the student in a student-led conference will depend on age and grade level. Here's an account of how it works at the primary school level (Views So Far 262 )