Where To Start In Using Self-Assessment To Improve Your Teaching

It's almost impossible to be a good teacher over time without constantly learning, because even if you teach the same subjects year after year, each class, and each student brings different challenges. Self-assessment of your own skills and teaching methods is a critical aspect of "keeping up".

Where To Start: Forms And Checklists

Fortunately, you can tailor a self-assessment process to your own needs, and there are a number of available forms and checklists you can use, free of charge. Some are really short, and others are more extensive, and even reflect some of the criteria that States and Provinces use to certify teachers.

We've pulled together a variety of these teacher evaluation forms developed specially for teachers to use on their own. You may want to check each out, and download your own copies, to determine which one or ones make the most sense.

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Want to improve your teaching, organization, classroom management skills, and more? Here you'll find links to various forms you can use on your own.

Teacher Self-Evaluation Forms and Checklists: Teacher Evaluations : Self-Evaluation : Forms

Checklist: Teacher Self-Evaluation Handbook - by Seventh Day Adventist School System
Extensive and detailed form/checklist for teachers to use to self-assess on classroom management, teacher techniques, relationships with peers, and a lot more. Lots of items. pop (Views So Far 725 )

Checklist:Self-evaluation Criteria for Substitute Teachers - by Alberta Teacher's Association
This twenty item teacher self-evaluation checklist is written specifically for those who do substitute teaching. (Views So Far 381 )

This form/checklist is written specifically for those who teach in a collaborative environment: ie. co-teaching. (Views So Far 442 )

Form: Teacher Post‐Observation Self‐Assessment Tool - by NCTQ
This instrument is a little different. While it's a self-assessment one, it's meant to be used in conjunction with being observed by a mentor, or supervisor and it contains explanations of what all the evaluation rubrics mean. (Views So Far 472 )

Form: Teacher Self Assessment Instrument - by Saugus Public Schools
Multi item form you can use to assess your own teaching skills and success, across eight categories from lesson planning through to evaluation. pop (Views So Far 689 )

Form: Teacher Self-Appraisal - by Don Pugh
Another form you may find useful in evaluating your own skills across six critical aspects of teaching. (Views So Far 656 )