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Not all teacher evaluation should be imposed or even involve others. Teachers can benefit from a semi-formal self-evaluation process that they control themselves.

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An Investigation of the Validity of Using Self-Evaluation Instruments to Identify Instructional Needs - by Lou Carey
The validity of interpreting teachers' perceptions of their performance as an index of their actual performance was examined. Two matching instruments were constructed; each contained 72 items in 6 categories of skills. One assessed teachers' perceptions of their competence on behaviorally stated generic teaching skills, and the other assessed teachers' actual performance on the same skills. The items represented verbal information, concept identification, or problem-solving skills that teachers need to perform the skill objectives; and skills that could realistically be assessed using pencil and paper questions. One hundred seventy-five classroom teachers were paid to participate in the study. Results showed that teachers' perception scores were significantly higher than their actual performance scores in all six content areas. Using teachers' perception scores to predict actual performance scores on teaching skills appeared to be an invalid practice; this finding held true for three different types of questions: recall of verbal information, concept identification, and problem-solving questions. (Views So Far 315 )

Assessment Matters - Self-Assessment and Peer Assessment - by University of Waikato
Booklet from University of Waikato that explains the importance and process of self and PEER evaluation for teachers. (Views So Far 351 )

Checklists: Self-Assessment Checklists And Resources - by Scholastic
Great resource for teachers who want to self assess various aspects of their teaching to improve. Links to checklists on classroom management, parent-teacher relationships, substitute teaching and a lot more in free downloadable PDF files. (Views So Far 388 )

How to Evaluate Your Own Teaching: Evaluating Your Own Teaching - by Dee Fink
Nice concise summary of how teachers can improve their teaching through the self-evaluation process, and remain in control of the process of generating formative feedback. (Views So Far 391 )


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