Video: How To Make It Worthwhile For Your Students To Come To School

When students can learn what is to be learned from their textbooks, it means that teachers aren't doing even close to a reasonable job. I've often said that if a teacher can be replaced by a machine, or video, book, or online experience, they don't belong in education.

In this one hour lecture, you'll hear from a teacher/professor who talks about her own journey from information giver to facilitator of learning. It's aimed more at higher education, but most teachers can learn about this.

Above all, pay attention to the central issue -- that teachers who can be replaced by non-humans probably should be, and how to break out of the basic information-provider role.

Also covers the trap of relying on powerpoint and other slides. Interesting that this is a video lecture, so I'm not sure it's a good example of walking the talk.