Defusing Hostile Parents - Eight Minute Lecture/Slide Presentation In Video

This video presentation, complete with some nice summary slides, and a little lecture by counsellor James West is one of the few free videos around that provides some really good tactics for dealing with angry parents created for teachers. It's a preview of a longer 55 minute video available for purchase.

It focuses on some of the principles and techniques from my book, Building Bridges Between Home And School, in particular the importance of making sure parents feel heard, and know that you understand their emotional states.

Of course, it's far from complete, but perhaps the for pay video is more complete. I don't agree with everything in the video, though. I have some concerns about the use of the word "insane" as applied to emotional parents, since I think it's judgmental and polarizing. As always, use your own judgment about using any of the techniques, since you have to feel comfortable with them for them to work.