Bill Maher's Comedic Commentary: Don't Blame Teachers - Blame Parents

I debated whether to add this to our video archive. On the plus side, it's really really funny. On the minus side, when people who view these satires, it's scary that they take the things so seriously, and lord knows we have enough polarizing and blaming of parents, or teachers, or society when we really need to be looking at solutions that can be undertaken TOGETHER.

Often comedy is funny because it contains some kernals of truth, and of course that's the case here.

Enjoy it, because it's funny but remember this is entertainment. And if you want to get really freaked out by people who think in terms of "us" (parents) vs. "them" (teachers) take a look at some of the comments we've quoted (see below the video).

Some Comments On This Video

In case you are wondering there have been over 1,000 comments on this video on YouTube, many of them profane, and to tell you the truth, rather depressing, which I suppose is one reason I don't spend much time on social media. I was going to post a lot more in the mistaken impression there would be something useful there. There isn't, or at least I wasn't willing to wade through 1,000 more to find the gems.

Spoken like a true teacher. I know lots of teachers that don't know anything and are even hired without proper certification through back door method like emergency certification for mostly political reasons. Of course the first thing they do is blame the parents and students.

Lets lay the blame where it is... parents. Parents are responsible for setting the kids schedule. Parents are responsible for raising their little angels. Teaching them right from wrong, respect for others, respect for authority, self-worth, and discipline. Most parents dont do ANY of that. They send them to school and tell them you don't have to do what they say, or behave becuase THEY are NOT your parent. Oh and their little angels can do no wrong. So yeah... its the parents.

For one, US public schools aren't designed to educate - they're designed to manufacture drones. US public schools are based on the Prussian Industrial model of "education:" Conformity over individuality. Procedure over innovation. Control over empowerment. Fostering an atmosphere of fear and loneliness. Hardly incentive to actual learning.