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As we develop this category on the application of neuroscience to teaching and education, we'll be adding more reference material on specific topics within neuroscience, and organizing them by subject. As our collection grows we'll create new categories, on topics like "brain differences" between ge

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Brain Gym - educational kinesiology - Good example of BS Pseudo-Science - by na
While this article is about "brain gym", using educational kinesiology, it's of interest to every teacher because it highlights the challenges of figuring out what's valid research, and what's BS and marketing hype. (Views So Far 282 )

Male and Female Brains? More Different Or More The Same? - by School of Education at Johns Hopkins University
Sex differences and the brain. What does it matter, you say? I think it does. Through such knowledge we will eventually be better able to understand the basis for behaviors that many now perceive as entirely rooted in social custom or familial history. From that understanding, we will gain the acceptance, patience, and respect so vital to all human endeavor. Interestingly, people who see a human brain for the first time often ask, "Is it male or female?" Yet, for many millennia no one, even scientists, thought about sex-related differences and similarities in the human brain. A brain was just a brain. Now hardly a year goes by that we don't read authoritative studies showing these differences. I was taken aback just a few months ago when, at a Ph.D. examination dealing with Magnetic Resonance Imaging of human brains, the student reported having pooled the data from both sexes. Even if the intent was not to explore male-female differences, one can hardly expect to make accurate interpretations from such mixed data (Views So Far 272 )

Memory Research: Optimizing Memory in the Adult Brain - by School of Education at Johns Hopkins University
Interesting research summary on whether training in memory (and what kinds of training), might work to improve adult memory. (Views So Far 283 )

Mind-Brain Learning Principles - by Renate Nummela Caine and Geoffrey Caine
MUST read for anyone interesting in brain research and education. Twelve principles regarding the brain drawn from neuroscience. (Views So Far 266 )