Humor and How Teachers Cope With Their Stress

By Robert Bacal

Most people haven't had the opportunity to spend time in teachers' break rooms, and that's probably a good thing. In my time supervising teachers, I've had the chance to sit in a number of staff rooms at schools, and one thing that's noticeable is the use of humor, sometimes acidic, that I have heard.

Teachers tell stories. The sometimes say things about their students, or the parents, or administrators that are harsh and that wouldn't be acceptable if said in a more public place.

I've heard teachers run down their students privately, and then five minutes later, enter their classrooms and do a masterful job of working with the "little monsters".


What Are They Doing Psychologically?

Teachers, along with social workers, nurses, and probably a few other professions tend to use humor, privately, to let go of stress, and to establish bonds with each other. Humor between and among members doing the same job helps them feel that their burdens are shared, and that they are, at least, understood by their peers.

Humor is a survival mechanism, and that's why teachers tell each other so many funny stories. Humor helps with the relative isolation teachers face in their jobs.

Teachers, Here's Some Help:

Below you'll find a number of links to teacher humor. Not all of it is acidic, and we've chosen only material that is safe for work, and devoid of obscenity. Have a laugh. Share with you peers. Stick things up on your staff room walls.

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Time to take a break, laugh, and take advantage of teacher related humor to reduce some of your stress. We've selected some of the best stuff online, so enjoy!

Funny Teacher Stories, and Teacher Humor Humor About Teaching and Teachers

City of Los Angeles High School Math Proficiency Exam - by Snopes
The concept of a street gang type math test is funny in and of itself, but that's only the beginning of the craziness as some teachers actually USED this in their classrooms, and got into big trouble. (Views So Far 335 )

Humor in the Classroom: 40 Years of Research - by Maryellen Weimer, PhD
Here's a serious article on humor in the classroom, what it can be used for and mentions research about whether humor helps students learn. Hint: We don't know. (Views So Far 288 )

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Common Core. - by Timothy McSweeney
A lighter look at the conversations people have about common core in this short story. (Views So Far 213 )

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