How Teachers Can Deal With Angry, Emotional Parents, And Their Complaints

One of the reasons I decided to write a book dedicated to helping teachers work with angry, emotional and even abusive parents was that the existing advice tended to be a little bit superficial, and relied a lot on "common sense", rather than sound psychological principles on anger and effective communication.

While it's fine to suggest to school staff that they not "take insults personally", that's not useful unless one can explain exactly HOW not to take what are clearly personal attacks in a personal way. We're all human beings despite the roles we play, and it's natural to take these things personally. I wanted to write a book that went beyond that common sense approach, and actually teaches educators to deal with these tough situations by helping them learn WHAT to say, and WHEN to say it.

While a lot of the common advice on the topic can be superficial, much of it has kernals of truth and nuggets of gold, so I've created this page, where you'll find some of the best handpicked resources available free of charge to help you deal with those angry parents. Because it's important, for the welfare of each student in your class or school.


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Since teachers can't fully succeed in helping students without the help and involvement of parents, it's important to learn to work, not only with the "easy" parents, but with the difficult ones, since it's often the case that the students who need the most help have parents who tend to be emotional

Handling Complaints From Parent: Tips, Advice, And Wise Thoughts : Handling Complaints From Parents

Rethinking Difficult Parents (For Teachers) - by Dr. Allen Mendler
Nuggets from this article on dealing with difficult parents: Don't forget they can be valuable sources for information even if they are aggressive, and difficult parents are better for the child than parents who simply don't care about their children. (Views So Far 334 )

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