For Parents: How CAN You Help Your Children's Teachers To Teach More Effectively

There's no question that the "right" kind of involvement on the part of parents can contribute to children getting the most from school. The question is, though, what can you as a parent do, to work WITH teachers to ensure your child benefits?

It's not such a simple question. After all, as a parent you have a lot on your plate, too, as do teachers. You want to participate in ways that will help, but also in ways that fit your priorities and the various demands on your time.

In this section, you'll find advice, ideas and practical tips on how you can be involved, but not just involved, but involved in a helpful constructive way.


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You want to be involved. But you are busy, and you aren't sure the best way to help your child's teacher work more effectively for his or her benefit. Here are some ideas.

Constructive Ways For Parents To Help Teachers Educate Their Children

For Parents - How To Help Teachers Teach Your Child

How To Talk to the Teacher - by Evelyn Beck
Schools tend to send home a lot of information. But do you communicate back? One of the most valuable step a parent can take is to start a dialogue with the teacher. You both have the same goal--for the student to be successful. Why not approach that goal as a team? "Teachers have a breadth of understanding of a particular age group that a parent is unlikely to have," says Carol Tomlinson, a professor at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education in Charlottesville and a former preK-12 teacher. "They know what development is like and what a student needs and how the child is faring in comparison to peers. That gives parents a status check that is hard to get otherwise. As for parents, they have a depth of knowledge of their own child that the teacher will never have. If teachers and parents combine that breadth and depth of knowledge, they have the potential for making a great difference for the child." (Views So Far 350 )

We all want our children to be successful in their school years. Parents need to understand what a terrific and positive affect we have on our children when we respect and believe their teacher. When we agree and support their teacher, children will receive all the benefits. You will be surprised how quickly behaviors and skills can change. Most teachers are there because they have a passion for teaching and helping children. Let's try this partnership between parents and teachers and see how happy and successful children can be. Make an appointment to see their teacher, or send a note telling her you support her and will respect what she has to say. We all just want our children to have the best! (Views So Far 321 )

Parents, here's 9 ways you drive teachers nuts - by Terri Peters
The first on the list is a request not to give yet another coffee mug as a gift to a teacher, but there are some other more serious things parents do that both interfere with children's educations, and drive teachers crazy. (Views So Far 363 )

Talking with Teachers . Parent Involvement - by PBS
Parents aren't born able to talk effectively with teachers about their children. Here are some tips on getting involved and conversing with your child's teacher. (Views So Far 258 )

Talking With Teachers About Student Progress - by na
How to get involved proactively with your child's teacher. Don't wait until report card time to talk about your child's progress. (Views So Far 270 )

Teachers tell parents how to help their kids be better math students - by Mari-Jane Williams
Want your child to be better at math? Here's a few ideas that might help you help teachers. A few stand out: First, don't compare your child to other children, and two, let your child see you making mistakes, so he will be less concerned about "doing things wrong". Great ideas. (Views So Far 342 )

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