If you would like to use our book as a basis for short learning experiences (brown bag lunches), or for inservice work presented by your own expert staff, we may be able to help free of charge. Contact us for ideas if you plan on purchasing multiple copies for professional development, and we can also provide you with a much discounted price for the book.

Guide To Using Our Books For Teacher And Administrator Professonal Development And In-Service

We know that in-service and professional development money and time is at a premium, and you may not be able to afford using our own seminar and keynote services.

Fortunately, you ARE teachers, and have many of the skills needed to facilitate learning sessions for your colleagues, and we hope you will use your creativity to use our book as a basis for ongoing learning.

Consider Mini-Sessions Prior To Parent-Teacher Meetings

One of the best things you can do is have some mini-sessions based on the content of the book, just prior to your parent-teacher meetings. If you have participants read the book beforehand, you can do some great stuff discussing how to apply the tactics to different real life situations. Costs almost nothing, and you can even run sessions as short as twenty minutes. In effect, a practicuum where people teach each other.

Create A Support Study Group

Here's a thought. If you and at least one other teacher or administrator have an interest in improving relationships with difficult parents, why not schedule an informal study group to discuss a chapter or two at a time, or to present a "parent case study", to the rest of the group. Flexible format, and again teachers teaching teachers, at practically zero cost.

More Formal In-Service Sessions

Of course, we think it's a great idea to run a more formal in-service on the topic of working with difficult parents, and our book can be a great resource. If you want to run something like this, feel free to contact us and I may be able to help you design a hands on session that deals with real world problems. And remember, we will offer you a deep discount price on multiple copies.

Got Your Own Ideas? Please Share

Maybe you have even better ideas about how to use our book to help teachers, school board officials, trustees and support staff with their difficult interactions. If you have a good idea, please share it. If you've done something innovative, we'd like to hear. Use the comment area below.